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NJ Courts Wrestling With Bail Reform

By Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC |

New Jersey recently passed historic bail reform legislation. Lawmakers were concerned that the law of pre-trial detention (bail) unfairly favored those who could afford to post bail and simultaneously punished those who could not. In their eyes, this was unjust. So, bail reform was born. Those lawmakers did away with the old “bail” and… Read More »

Protecting Your Rights in a Criminal Trial

By Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC |

In January, The Supreme Court of New Jersey issued 3 new rulings protecting your rights in a criminal trial. The Court limited the prosecution’s ability to introduce evidence against a Defendant without calling a witness to authenticate a map in 500 foot drug cases. (State v. Wilson) Next, the Court reaffirmed that a man’s… Read More »

The Fight to Protect Your Rights Doesn’t End When A Jury Finds You Guilty

By Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC |

The fight to protect your rights doesn’t end when a jury finds you guilty! After the jury verdict comes the sentencing hearing. The sentencing hearing is as much a part of the legal process as arrest, imprisonment, and trial. Here—as at every stage in the criminal justice system—you have important constitutional rights that a… Read More »

$6.50 or 40 years in prison???

By Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC |

How do you start off with an unpaid ticket for $6.50 and wind up with a 40 year jail sentence? Bad luck, poor choices and a lengthy string of legal errors. That’s exactly what happened to one Vineland man, after an arrest warrant was issued for failure to pay a minor traffic fine. Robert… Read More »


By Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC |

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